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Boca Wellness & Nutrition Services provides state of the art, individualized nutrition counseling and education. Your personal consultation will consist of an in-depth evaluation and thorough assessment of your health based on your history, blood work review, body composition analysis, medications and supplement review, food habits and preferences. Your new lifestyle plan will include meal, snack, exercise and supplement recommendations designed for you to meet your goals safely and healthfully, teaching you new choices that are maintainable for a life time. All guidance will be based on our practice philosophy that when the cells are healthy, the organism is healthy. Guidance for optimum health and maintenance support techniques will be offered at your follow-up visits, along with periodic recommendations for re-testing to assure your progress. You will always have the opportunity to ask questions and receive information to the best of our ability. We also offer group lectures, professional presentations, small group classes, grocery shopping tours; access to specialized testing for food sensitivities, genetic patterns, and nutrient status; as well as a large array of professional grade nutritional products.

Food for thought: Women are not Immune

Ms. M is an attractive 40 year old Market Research Analyst. She lives in a beautiful upscale South Florida Community. She has a loving mom and a steady caring gentleman friend. In February, she came to see me and have … Continue reading

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Coenzyme Q10

With the universal availability of vitamins, supplements, herbs, and a myriad of other medical remedies today, consumers today are confronted with questions and uncertainties about the usage and benefits of these various therapies. One natural substance produced by the human … Continue reading

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Protecting Yourself from Cancer

New Things You May Not Have Heard of Yet 1. Promoters and Initiators: Tobacco in all forms-cigarettes, pipes, cigars, chewing, dipping snuff, side stream smoke. Alcohol in all forms, even red wine. Smoked meats-beef jerky, smoked fishes (lox, nova, sable, … Continue reading

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Reducing caloric intake by 250 – 500 per day for Diabetics choosing weight management

Have you ever experienced any of the symptoms listed below? Numbness or burning sensations in the feet, ankles, legs or hands, fingers Blurred or poor vision Impotence Fatigue Poor wound healing Frequent urination Thirst unquenched by drinking water These symptoms … Continue reading

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Some surprising new information about VITAMIN D

by Paula H. Mendelsohn, MPH, RD, LD, CCN Not too long ago, I had the privilege of hearing Dr, Michael Hollick speak at the Florida Dietetic Association annual state meeting. Dr. Hollick is considered to be the “Father” of the … Continue reading

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Acqualina Wellness Expo

Don’t miss the Wellness Expo in Miami next Monday, May 30! Local wellness advisors will offer information on  interesting topics like yoga, healthy foods, organic products and fitness.

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Boca Wellness Goes Virtual

Yes! We found another way to provide the professional nutrition counseling and education that you are looking for. In order to be closer to you and your loved ones, Boca Wellness is entering the social media world! This blog will … Continue reading

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